How do i hook up my rf modulator

TVs & DVD Players <em>How</em> to Connect a TV, DVD Player & VCR.

TVs & DVD Players How to Connect a TV, DVD Player & VCR. Since the VIC-20 uses mono sound and composite video, you may have to repeat the sound channel onto both left and rht if you can't live with sound only through one speaker. There are a few, very helpful Commodore saavy people here. mine did look like anders' at one point ;( Chris Well i am writing this for the second time. I found a post on the web on how to make a cable and it matched the post here. The little box that connects to the TV is just a switch box. An RF modulator, used to connect TVs and other units, is a device that allows a coaxial cable to be send information down a more modern connection. Connect.

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How Do I Set Up My Echo Yes, the reseating of the chips was a guess but i have done enough electronics to know that chips in sockets can have troubles after sitting for extended periods of time. I can't find my main manual that had the schematic in it. Chris I am not sure if i quite understand the pin out information. I mht look for some other resources for confirmation. Quentin___ ___ / v \ ( 3 1 ) \ 5 4 / \__2__/ Pin 1 is 5V - should not be used (drives the RF? It said to use pin 2 and 4 for video and i assume 2 and 3 for sound so i think that i will give it a try and see what it looks like. Maybe i will have to write my own like i did as a kid. Sorry, been looking maybe I missed something in the post, but other then just getting one of those old VHF converters, I'm not 100% sure on how to go about plugging this thing up. I have the RF modulator box with a Female RCA jack on it - from there, just a stndard RCA cord - if I just plug it into the video in on the TV, will it work? The actual RF modulator is inside the computer, which means that the snal is already modulated. well - there's a box with the 9 pin that plugs into the VIC20 on one end - and the other end is a box with a Channel 3/4 selector and an RCA female output - it was shipped with just a male/male RCA cable attached - so I could physiy plug it into the TV... but for the 2 bucks each, I may well order a couple of each gender, so I have a supply for... I'm just getting started on revisiting the vintage computers, really - first one. Do you know how to connect a RF modulator? Find out how to connect an RF modulator in this article from HowStuffWorks.

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RF modulator - pedia Especially when they are going through all four seasons. It appears that there is mono sound on pins 2 and 3 and video on pins 4 and 5. I wonder if it is just composite video that i could just plug into my TV video in. Typing in lines after lines and then jgle the power cord and lose everything in a split second. Quentin Good to hear that hardware can be fixed by removing and reseating it. My Kaypro's hard drive crashed real hard this morning and wiped half of my directory. I did run across a Pin Out it's been so long - I'm curious. I have the RF modulator box with a Female RCA jack on it - from there, just a stndard RCA cord - if I just plug it into the video in on the TV, will it work? Does your TV have a coaxial "Antenna/Cable" connector? The little box that connects to the TV is just a switch box. Are there any devices that would allow a connection to a SVGA monitor? I could use a PC and TV video card as a 'gateway' to the SVGA monitor, if you will... An RF modulator or radio frequency modulator is an electronic device whose input is a. RF modulators are commonly integrated into VCRs, in video game consoles up to and including the fourth generation, and in 8- and 16-bit home.

<b>How</b> to <b>hook</b> up your Video RF <b>modulator</b>.

How to hook up your Video RF modulator. I am going to use a splitter soon though, so I can send snals to two video devices, in preparation for my lht pen, which is about to arrive shortly. Some times when i turn it on i get a blue background with a seemingly random character set in a box in the foreground. Now it boots up almost every time although the picture is a bit noisy in sound and picture. I also got rid of the switch box and made a new connector for the cable to the TV and now there isn't much noise left. Quentin Good to hear that hardware can be fixed by removing and reseating it. ) So, you should use pins 2, 3 and 4 for a composite audio cable. How to use your Video RF Modulator with your other components. If you have a TV with only coax input and you want to hook up different components.

Insnia RF <strong>Modulator</strong> Black NS-HZ308 - Best Buy

Insnia RF Modulator Black NS-HZ308 - Best Buy I want to use one of the video devices rht near my vic 20, with the screen facing up towards the ceiling, and use it like a glorified graphics tablet, via the lht pen. :-) The SCART or RCA solution will give you as sharp picture as possible, much sharper than a RF solution. Quentin Hi Quentin; Here are the pinouts: Audio/Video |-| ------- -------------- ---------- | PIN # | TYPE | NOTE | 3 1 ------- -------------- ---------- 5 4 | 1 | 5V REG | 10m A MAX | 2 | 2 | GND | | | 3 | AUDIO | | | 4 | VIDEO LOW | | | 5 | VIDEO HH | | ------- ------------ ---------- I got this from an online source of the programmer's reference. I can't remember if this is the view from the computer female or from the cable male.argh! INSNIA, RF Modulator, NS-HZ308, RF Modulators, Video Accessories. Allows you to connect cable or satellite TV or an antenna. Specifications. Ratings &.

Nintendo 64 - N64 RF <b>Modulator</b>/RF Switch Incompatible with Newer.

Nintendo 64 - N64 RF Modulator/RF Switch Incompatible with Newer. In theory you can get a DIN to RCA cable and a RCA to SCART adapter if you don't have RCA jacks on your TV. There are many online sources of manuals and stuff for the vic 20, and if you cannot find something, just post for info, and I am sure someone will help you out. i hate things that format stuff after i have cut and pasted it, and the stuff looks fine when i paste it, and then looks like the crap i see in my posting. Mar 28, 2015. Instead, it included a "Nintendo64 RF Modulator" model NUS-003 and an. had his system hooked up via an RF modulator and presumably an RF switch. If I request a paper through my university library, must they pay a.

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