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Ink and Beans Best Quotes from V's Jersey Shore - Episode 2 We left off with archenemies Angelina and Vinny getting drunk and smushing, even though Angelina's been seeing (and accepting Fossil watches from) nice guy Jose. The Situation to Angelina, when she tells him that every girl he brings home is a "zero". Like, yeah I hooked up with you, but I went to Ronnie.

How Jersey Shore Ruined One Girl's Life - Gawker Oh, and last episode Vinny ed Angelina "the Staten Island dump." Nice. Angelina "Trash Bags" left Jersey Shore after three episodes. to beat her up and The Situation texted her, "Be prepared to get your ass beat. went out the next nht and he hooked up with another girl rht in front of her.

Jersey Shore's Angelina on Situation's Small Package and. Meanwhile, Vinny's whole family is visiting and while his mom makes a feast for everyone, Angelina contemplates telling Jose (on his birthday, mind you) of her indiscretion. You can't really understand anything he's saying because he just mumbles and gestures excitedly, but according to Pauly D, "Uncle Nino is an O. May 29, 2012. The Jersey Shore's Angelina visits the Cipha Sounds and. Did Jersey Shore's Ronnie admit "The Situation" & "Snookie" hooked up on Hot 97.

Jersey Shore's Snooki Is Engaged To Jionni! Plus VIDEO Angelina. In one interview, she said,” Jionni’s a great guy, so you know I’m so down to make guido babies with him! A source says that the feeling is mutual, and that the proper hardware has been procured. He wants to propose on Valentine’s Day,” the source says. There really is no other reason for Situation to tell Gionni than to hurt the. Snooki should just admit she hooked up with Mike.actions.

Brad Pitt Hooking Up With Jennifer Aniston Behind Angelina Jolie. She’s waiting for the rht time to announce the news to promote her new show.”Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and there’s been no news of an engagement, and with a Snooki and JWoww spin-off just about to start shooting in Jersey City, I would predict that an engagement announcement would be timed with the premiere of the show, complete with engagement storylines (Snooki Buys A Wedding Dress At Forever 21 and other episodes). Is Brad Pitt "hooking up" with Jennifer Aniston behind Angelina Jolie's. But Gossip Cop checked in with a reliable source close to the situation.

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